Aerial Photo + Video


Professional Imagery at a whole new level

We are FAA licensed UAS Pilots and are fully compliant with Part 107 regulations. We make sure that whatever your aerial needs are, you don't have to worry about whether it is done properly, legally, and safely. Providing aerial drone services in Pennsylvania and beyond, we work with you to get the job done.  

Aerial Pilot

Jeffrey is a licensed FAA Commercial Drone Pilot and has the experience needed to work with you or with your team to accomplish your vision. For either photo or video, we are able to fly small to large drones depending on what your camera needs are. 


We work with you on capturing the aerial photo of your property, farm, home, or business. Using Drones, the angles and perspectives possible today, are so much more compelling and captivating than what was possible in the past. 

Real Estate

One of the things that has become clear is that professional video and photo are huge assets when it comes to selling a home.  An aerial perspective is also a major tool in allowing buyers to gain a sense of the area before they even visit. 

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